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[ga] Re: Survey

Dear Dan,

Marilyn Cade has suggested that I work through you to provide constructive 
input to the Transfers TF.  I would like to begin by asking why this survey 
is needed.  Surely the registrars can provide hundreds if not thousands of 
letters of complaint from affected registrants.  After months of discussion 
on this topic, what is served by generating a survey that will give us the 
same set of responses that registrars already have in the complaint files?  
What does this accomplish other than needlessly postponing the resolution of 
this issue?

If the purported goal is to seek to abide by the consensus process, the TF 
must first propose a recommended policy and only then reach out to impacted 
parties for their assessment of the implications of such a policy.  Outreach 
only to gather "anecdotal data" at this point is a waste of time and human 
resources.  The WHOIS committee has been analyzing their own particular data 
set for half a year already...  do we really need to go through a similar 
time-consuming exercise?
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