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[ga] Re: Boston Working Group

On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, J. William Semich wrote:

> I think this is an excellent time to consider reviving the Boston Working 
> Group to shape an approach to restructuring ICANN. Any chance of that, Karl?

We never went away.  The BWG is very alive and very well.  And we've been
discusing the nature of ICANN restructuring ever since ICANN was initially
structured.  ;-)

There are various aspects of reshaping ICANN that go beyond what has been
addressed to date.

One of these has to do with the actual personality of ICANN.  It is my
sense that structural changes without personnel changes would be simply a
facade masking an unchanged landscape.

I personally prefer incremental rather than revolutionary change to ICANN.  
But one man's incremental is another man's revolutionary. ;-)

One of the aspects of the original BWG proposal, in addition to
circumscribing ICANN's powers and mandating strong public participation,
was the requirement for solid, conservative business processes.  I have
yet to see ICANN demonstrate competence in such matters.

To some extent we may find that exisiting legal structures - corporate
models - may be inadequate.  I have proposed, for example, that the unlike
the board-has-ultimate-responsibility premise of corporations, ultimate
responsibility for behavior of a Private Governmental Organization (PGO)
be split among multiple bodies.  See: 


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