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[ga] Re: Request for a Working Group


ICANN's mission is defined within its Memorandum of Understanding with the 
U.S. Department of Commerce within which ICANN is required to "collaborate on 
the design, development, and testing of a plan for introduction of 
competition in domain name registration services, including:  development of 
an accreditation procedure for registrars and procedures that subject 
registrars to consistent requirements designed to promote a stable and 
robustly competitive DNS, as set forth in the Statement of Policy". 

That Statement of Policy, the White Paper, states:  "During the transition 
the U.S. Government expects to:  recognize the role of the new corporation to 
establish and implement DNS policy and to establish terms (including 
licensing terms) applicable to new and existing gTLDs and registries under 
which registries, registrars and gTLDs are permitted to operate".  It goes on 
to state:  "As outlined in appropriate organizational documents, (Charter, 
Bylaws, etc.) the new corporation should:  direct the Interim Board to 
develop policies for the addition of TLDs, and establish the qualifications 
for domain name registries and domain name registrars within the system". 

ICANN's Registrar Accreditation Agreement is a contract that was created in 
compliance with our mission directives that granted ICANN the right to 
establish operational terms applicable to registrars.  That you believe that 
ICANN should re-define its mission is immaterial.  Until such time as the MoU 
is amended, we must live with the mission that we have been given.  That 
mission allows us to establish qualifications for registrars, and I seek to 
review and amend those qualifications to better protect the registrant 

I'm curious, what role do you see for either registrants or the At-Large in 
ICANN if their user interests are only to be satisfied within the context of 
action on the part of national agencies?

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