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[ga] Minutes of the Intellectual Property Constituency


Excerpt:  The IPCC spent considerable time discussing the recently released 
ICANN restructuring plan, which was authored by ICANN President Stuart Lynn. 

Jonathan Cohen, the IPC representative from FICPI and a member of the ICANN 
Board of Directors, joined the meeting via telephone at 2:30 pm (London time) 
to offer his views on the proposal. Mr. Cohen reported that he supports the 
proposal in principle and that there is broad support for the proposal on the 
Board. He added that it was his firm belief that ICANN cannot complete its 
mission under the present structure. Mr. Cohen also noted the following:

Governments have always been involved in ICANN, whether it is through the GAC 
or the MoU with the USG. 
The ccTLD situation has become highly politicized and ICANN is not equipped 
to handle this. 
The chances of ensuring appropriate representation of intellectual property 
interests are much higher under this plan. 
The At-Large will not work and ICANN does not have the resources to make it 
Some current Board members will stay on to oversee the implementation of the 
new structure. 
The new structure will likely take one year to implement. 
Movement on the plan will likely be sooner, rather than later. 
The U.S. DoC was not consulted on the fine details of the plan. 
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