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[ga] help please for icann-atlarge management

Peter has proposed to host the ICANN AT LARGE sites so has Eric. Thomas too 
but fitug.de seems to have a smaller organization than Peter and Eric.

I have the addresses:
- icannatlarge.org blocked by a NetSol/Registrars problem
- icann-atlarge.com I will reroute to icannatlarge.com
- icann-atlarge.org
- icann-atlarge.net

I temporarily host them and I hope this will be fixed today. I created the 
mail.ican-atlarge.org account.

I am not however able to go much beyond. I suspect that the size of the 
final icann-atlarge.org structure that I have proposed:
- one central menu
- links to Joop's .com site
- links and support of cc.icann-atlarge.org local community @large sites
- local forums
- local chapter management tools
- polling services
will eventually call on a large system as Peter proposed and may be Eric in 

1. I do not want to manage such a project alone.

2. I suggest that due to the importance to the world, the site has a miror 
(from Peter's to Eric's or the reverse) so the system is not said being 
"hijacked" as some already say about the ".com" core.

3. I observe that the ALSC list is subject to ICANN system failures. This 
kind of failure may happen at any critical time. So I wish to revive the 
old http://groups.yahoo.com/group/icann-atlarge list as ONLY an 
icann-atlarge site management group. Should only register there the people 
interested in actuall machine and site management. I copy this list : if 
you are on it and you are not interested please unsubscribe.

4. I will use the SIAT ( http://internationalsecretariat.org has a support 
structure. I will display its banking account which should ONLY be used for 
financial support to the hosting cooperatively managed by the icann-atlarge 
list, not to any other action)

This is carried as a contribution for france@lagre and from my tiny 
world@wide foundation. I hope we can soon transfer the sites to a large and 
stable system (currently on my lab machine) and that a board of "trustees" 
may take over.

I find that Cecily makes a tremedous job in term of oragnization 
proposition. May be we could have a Charter and practical international 
rules under her debated proposition, including the .com site management 
council proposed by Joop and the open icann-atlarge cooperative management 
of the .org sites, with a French incorporation carried with Olivier Iteanu 
if he wants to take the lead (I strongly recommand the French or the 
Belgium association status as the most suitable for such an operation - 
light, tax exempt, string support by the Gov, quite no obligation).

Thank you for your comments and help.

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