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[ga] Re: Input Needed


While policies, plans, and tools (your ICP-5, Registrars Rescue, and online 
management method) are important to the equation, what is still lacking is a 
channel by which any given interest group can effectively communicate with 
the decision-makers on the Board.

Simply declaring SOs as open to any organized "constituency" does little to 
ensure that minority views won't be summarily voted down by the entrenched 
interests that currently dominate the process.

In my view, the constituency/council structure is at the root of the DNSO's 
difficulties.  Within the GA, everyone is accorded a voice, all have the 
opportunity to vote, and consensus manages to emerge.  Would you support 
eliminating the Names Council and restructuring the DNSO as a large Assembly 
on the basis of one-man/one-vote? 
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