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[ga] Input needed

M. Stuart Lynn has put forward a restructuring plan.  While I vehemently 
oppose his particular plan, I find myself asking, "What other overall 
restructuring plans have been put forth that the Board is in a position to 

Frankly, I haven't seen many, have you?   

At the Marina del Rey session the Board resolved [01.132] that a Committee of 
the Board is hereby established, to be known as the Committee on 
Restructuring, to monitor and provide reports to the Board on these issues, 
and to evaluate and make recommendations to the Board concerning any specific 
proposals or applications to the Board that would or could affect the 
structure of ICANN or the composition of the Board.

So far, how have we as members of the General Assembly contributed to solving 
the organizational/structural issues that the ICANN faces?  We're great at 
"reacting" to the proposals of others, but where are our own proposals or 
counter-proposals that the Committee on Restructuring could evaluate?  

David Farrar has done a valiant job within the Council's Structure TF 
attempting to represent our views, but candidly, we haven't given him much to 
work with, have we?

Our time is severely limited as the Accra session is almost upon us.  If 
anyone has any thoughts as to how the ICANN could better be designed, now is 
the time to speak... otherwise, feel free to accept the consequences of Board 
action.  The continued existence of the GA and the DNSO is at risk.  

Give the Board another option, or kiss it all goodbye.

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