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Re: [ga] Minutes of Registrars' Recent Meeting

On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, George Kirikos wrote:

> What was particularly humourous in the minutes was the vote held about
> having increased Registrar representation on ICANN. Here's a shocker:
> "Straw poll favoured increased Board representation for registrars 22
> for, nil against"
> They do have a good point, based on their contribution to revenues.
> Although, by the same logic, corporations should be electing
> representatives to governments, as they pay corporate income tax. I'd

Yes it is interesting isn't it? That while the rightful authority for the
policy creation for a TLD rests solely in the hands of the TLD Holder,
those who ride such coattails (registrars) would seek to direct the policy
decisions of the TLD Holder.

Not that the Registrars shouldn't seek such authority or speak their mind,
but the symbiotic relationship between the two is of the type
commensulism - not mutualism.

Bradley D. Thornton
Chief Technology Officer
The PacificRoot/Joint Technologies Ltd.

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