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[ga] Unresponsive registrars

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The Whois debate has been brewing for some time, but it could come to a boil 
soon, as Congress, the group overseeing the Internet's address system and 
privacy advocates all weigh in on how well the system is working. In 
December, the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Courts, the Internet and 
Intellectual Property sent letters to 50 United States registrars requesting 
information about whether and how the companies verify customer data and how 
they deal with complaints about fraudulent information. 

Responses were due by Feb. 1, but Chris J. Katopis, counsel to the 
subcommittee, said that as of last week many registrars had not replied. "If 
they're not going to respond to a government inquiry," he said, "what are 
they going to do to respond to an aggrieved individual when something 
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