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[ga] Talk about sleaze.

I just got done chatting with an ISP in India who has been doing all
their domain registrations through Verisign, as a business partner,
and getting their bulk volume discounts, etc.  They had decided to
start using a new registrar, and transfer their customer domains over
to this new registrar.

According to this ISP, the Verisign people who got in touch with them
to try to woo them back started telling them things like how if they
move to a new registrar, there is no guarantee that registrar will be
in business a year from now, and then went so far as to say that if
that registrar goes out of business, all their customer domains would
be completely lost, and they would be responsible for that.

I knew Verisign was sleazy, but this was a new low.

Best regards,
William X Walsh <william@wxsoft.info>

"There is no better way to exercise the imagination than the study of
the law. No artist ever interpreted nature as freely as a lawyer
interprets the truth."
-- Jean Giradoux

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