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[ga] FW: Nomination of Cary Karp for NC Chair


The gTLD Registry Constituency has nominated Cary Karp for Chair of the
Names Council.  Despite last week's vote to waive the rules to allow Philip
to run for a third term as Chair of the Constituency, the gTLD Constituency
believes that the only way to ensure representativeness on the NC is to have
rotation among the constituencies for the Chair position.  

We believe that before Cary's nomination, some members of the NC may have
voted for the waiver motion because they did not know if there would be
another qualified candidate running.  Well, now there is an extremely
qualified candidate and we would urge that the Names Council vote keeping in
mind that the original rule was put into place to ensure rotation.


Jeffrey J. Neuman, Esq.
Chair, gTLD Registry Constituency
e-mail: Jeff.Neuman@NeuLevel.biz

[council] Nomination for NC Chair
*	To: "Names Council (E-mail)" <council@dnso.org
*	Subject: [council] Nomination for NC Chair 
*	From: "Tindal, Richard" <richard.tindal@neulevel.biz
*	Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 10:10:54 -0600 
*	Sender: owner-council@dnso.org <mailto:owner-council@dnso.org> 

Dear Colleagues, 
I would like to nominate Cary Karp for Chairman of the Names Council. Cary
has been active in the ICANN 
for many years and is a well respected and knowledgeable member of this
The gTLD Registry Constituency continues to believe in the importance of
Chair rotation each 12 month period 
as a means of balancing the representation of views within the global
internet community. We believe Cary has 
the skills and character to well manage this representation, as well as the
knowledge and dedication 
to ensure continuity in the important business before the Council. 
I appreciate your time in considering this nomination. 
Best Regards 
Richard Tindal 


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