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[ga] Structure TF

The NC Structure Task Force was commissioned after the Montevideo session in 
which the NC Chair warranted that the Council would "look at structural 
issues - seeking constituency consensus re possible ccSO, ALSC report, 
individuals constituency... 

Although the Chair of this TF has written, "I propose we aim to produce an 
initial report for 31 January just on the ALSC proposals and evaluate other 
proposals from 1 February onwards", there does not appear to be any movement 
on the part of the Chair to examine these other proposals (including the 
restructuring of the DNSO as proposed by the GA).

Further, the most current version of the Structure Task Force report does not 
appear to include any of the significant comments and observations tendered 
by the gTLDs, the NCDNHC, the GA, or the ccTLDs.   

At one point, the TF Chair wrote:  "If you believe in the course of the work 
I express bias to a BC perspective against
the other constituencies let me know."  

I believe that such bias continues to be demonstrated, and ask that 
consideration be given to allowing this TF to select its own neutral chair in 
accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the NC.  Perhaps another author can 
better represent the collective views of the DNSO.

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