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Re: [ga] Fw: Discussion Paper: Redemption Grace Periods for DeletedNames

Those registrars that I have checked (in alphabetical order: Dotster,
Enom, OpenSRS, Register.com) have an Auto Renew option. This fully takes
care of the problem discussed in this ICANN document. There is no need for
anything else. Registrars can profile themselves by offering the auto
renew service, or even other services that avoid losing a domain (e.g.
snail mail or telephone notification).

The ICANN document states:

"Indeed, anecdotal evidence indicates that a significant portion of the
demand for registration of deleted domains involves domains that the
former registrant did not intend to have deleted. If the only names
that became available to the market for re-registering expired names
were ones that were truly no longer wanted by the original
registrants, the demand for expired names would be less intense, and
perhaps significantly so."

This is too easy. Facts and figures are needed. Why change things, and
give VeriSign a new profitable monopoly, if all we have is "anecdotal
evidence" and speculation based upon that? Come on.

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