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[ga] International Domain Name News

Reposted extract from the Australian DNS mailing list.

Fm.ly Launches Family Network in SA (allAfrica.com)
A new online service has been established in SA, guaranteeing users
their own surnames as permanent domains.
The service, Fm.ly, launched in SA last week and expects to roll-out
internationally early this year.
LY is the country code for Libya and the Fm.ly Web site is a
second-level domain registered in that country.

Number of Internet domain names drops in second half of 2001 (Nando
Growth in Internet domain names slowed considerably last year as
speculators who hoped to make a fortune off easy-to-remember Web
addresses dropped names they couldn't unload.


A NY federal court has potentially put the dispute over the cello.com
domain to rest.  In the late 1990s, the cello.com owner and Cello
Holdings settled a dispute over the domain, only to have Cello
Holdings launch a UDRP action which it surprisingly won.  The UDRP
decision resulted in further lawsuits with the NY court now ruling
that the settlement barred bringing the UDRP action.  In fact, the
judge was so annoyed with Cello Holdings that he ordered sanctions
against the company.  Case name is Storey v. Cello Holdings (SDNY).
 From BNA Internet Law News

auDA takes .org.au from Elz (Australian IT)
The Australian domain industry self-regulatory body has seized
control of .org.au and .id.au from Robert Elz.

It's all go for AusRegistry (Fairfax IT)
The establishment of Australia's new domain name information
infrastructure is running to plan, even as the registry anointed to
run it embarks on a reverse takeover of a Sydney IT company.

NeuLevel re-releases .biz domain names (netimperative.com)
Companies have been given a second opportunity to register the .biz
domain name for their website after top level domain operator
NeuLevel was forced to scrap some applications.


Judge's Rebuke Could Be Final Note In Cello.com Dispute (Newsbytes)
A federal judge in New York may have finally put an end to a
five-year battle over the Internet domain Cello.com, ruling last week
that a company headed by former UUNet founder Rick Adams had used
U.S. courts and an international arbitration process to improperly
wrest the address from a California man.

EP Committee wants to amend '.EU' Regulation (Euractiv.com)
The European Parliament's Industry Committee adopted a recommendation
for the EP plenary to amend the draft Regulation on the
implementation of the .EU top level domain name.

Neverflysaa.com: Does SAA Have a Case? (allAfrica.com)
South African Internet attorneys report that South African Airways'
threat to take a disgruntled passenger to court could result in a
complex legal wrangle.
The case arises from an annoyed SAA passenger, Vernon E Six of Texas,
who has built a Web site (www.neverflySAA.com) to air his views on
the alleged poor service of the airline.

VeriSign Revamps Choice Dot-Com Names Sale Plan (Newsbytes)
Internet addressing giant VeriSign Global Registry Services has
unveiled a revamped version of its controversial plan to redistribute
some of the most appealing dot-com domain names as they expire.

WIPO arbitration on neo-nazi use of domain names (ICANNWatch)
Der Spiegel reports (in German) that WIPO has handed over the domain
names bundesinnenministerium.com, verfassungschutz.org to the German

US-Neonazi muss Web-Adressen abtreten (Der Spiegel)
Gerhard Lauck, selbst ernannter Oberführer der "NSDAP/AO", wurde von
der Wipo abgewatscht: Irreführende Adressen wie
"bundesinnenministerium.com" wird es bald nicht mehr geben. Mit
Geschick gelang es Otto Schily, eine US-Adresse stillzulegen.

Sex.com Loser Claims Poverty (Wired)
The man who took credit for turning the domain name Sex.com into a
multimillion-dollar porn empire now says he is too poor to afford
toilet paper.
In a motion filed in federal court this week, Stephen Michael Cohen,
the former operator of the website Sex.com, asked a judge to set
aside a ruling requiring him to pay $65 million in damages to the
site's current owner.

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