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Re: [ga] FW: [council] NC Chair Election (fwd)

> Solely for the purposes of the NC Chair election taking place on February
> 14, 2002, the NC moves to waive the provision of Section 1.1 of the Rules of
> Procedure for the DNSO which prohibits a retiring NC Chair from running for
> re-election for a period of one year.

I have to say that I still have some problems with doing this (not that I get a 
vote but I do get a voice!).  Waivers generally are used in exceptional 
circumstances such as no-one else is available or there is some massive issue 
facing an organisation in which the need for continuity is stronger than normal.

Regardless of the fact Philip is regarded by the NC as having done a good job I 
can't imagine that amongst the 20 other members there are not others capable of 
doing a good job also.  If this is not the case then we have problems :-)

On a side note I wonder what support if any there would be to change (in 
future) the Chairmanship to along the lines of the the EU Presidency - by 
rotation amongst the constituencies.  


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