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RE: [ga] Fw: [RegistrarsList] Updated WLS Documents


--- "Gomes, Chuck" <cgomes@verisign.com> wrote:
> I tolerate a lot of garbage on this list, but the posts on this
> subject
> during the last couple hours have gone beyond my willingness to
> ignore.
> They provide prime evidence why the GA is often ignored.  And that is
> very unfortunate for the many members of the list who work hard to
> make
> it a constructive source of input regarding DNSO issues.

Ross has more honour in his little pinky finger than all of Verisign
employees do combined. You owe him the apology, not the other way
around. His post was helpful to speed up communications on this
important issue, for those who did not yet receive the extremely large
attachments in their mailbox, and it is much appreciated.

I am very pleased to see that there are limits to your "willingness to
ignore". Someone who had been reading these lists and seeing no answers
to repeated questions might have been under the impression that your
ability to ignore and evade topics was limitless. I now hope to see a
quick response to the questions at:


forthwith. If it's your position that it's a "garbage" question to ask
whether the WLS will grandfather existing SnapBack holders, please say
so upfront. If any other party (registrars, individuals, etc.) would
like to see an answer to that question, please follow up so that Chuck
will know that some people's garbage is other people's gold.


George Kirikos

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