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[ga] WLS impact

After reading the new documents (test/test for user-name and password) I 
STILL find no true Need for the service and don't see it simplifying 
anything for anyone.  It simply adds another layer and increases the amount 
of money spent.

Those individuals and businesses currently "pounding" on the whois database 
will continue to do so and will do so to both databases automatically 
unless this WLS is simply an addition to the original, in which case they 
will need to modify their programs to search both...

It is extremely disappointing that Verisign seems to focus on new business 
only and does not seem to have any interest in improving their current 
Registry system.  Perhaps a better place to spend their money with this 
group would be to pay them to write a new Internet Software Application 
where everything works consistently and there is no need for special 
assistance when modifying or deleting a domain name.

grump, grump,



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