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Re: [ga] Special treatment at NSI?


--- Marc Schneiders <marc@fuchsia.bijt.net> wrote:
> Recently I noticed that two interesting domains (popular.net and
> toolate.com) were due to be relased around January 10. They showed
> the
> customary "Domain not found locally, but Registry points back to
> local DB.
> Local whois DB must be out of date." With a last change date of
> January 4.
> Unfortunately I did not save those records to prove it, but only made
> a
> note. The domains were not released, it seems. But the present whois
> information shows that there is something weird with them. They have
> been
> reregistered and not renewed by the old registrant, Ultsearch. The
> registration periods (01-18-2002 to 06-30-2003 and 01-20-2002 to
> 12-13-2003) are, however, suggesting that something strange happened
> here.

I think UltSearch was simply transferring names INTO Network Solutions
from other registrars (probably was offered a good price for renewals).
I have no experience transferring names into NSI (usually everyone is
transferring away from NSI!), but I don't think there was anything
malevolent involved here -- just strange things going on in the
technical backend at NSI.

NSI should fix the record creation dates, though, as that could cause
problems (e.g. if one registered a domain in 1997, but it shows a new
creation date of 2002, and someone has a TM from 1999, one might lose
the domain name in a UDRP action).


George Kirikos

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