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Re: [ga] Straw Poll on Working Group


On Wed, 23 Jan 2002, Patrick Corliss wrote:

> > Once there is a proposal on the table for the DNSO as a whole to evaluate
> > then a working group/taskforce/et al would be appropriate.
> Nevertheless, it seems to me that the issue of expirations, deletions and
> transfers is one that arches above the WLS proposal.

true, but don't call the working group to order on WLS; besides Registrars
are also working on the issue of expirations, deletions and transfers and
would welcome a position paper drafted by a GA consensus process.

Do you think the GA can draft position papers? All constituencies would
appreciate if the GA could.

> And I am not at all sure that we should be driven by VeriSign's agenda.

I have not suggested  such, but I do wish the GA had an agenda...


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