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[ga] Straw Poll on Working Group


"Registrars are trashing VeriSign's proposal to create a pricey waiting list
for registered domains, calling it too expensive and anti-competitive.  A
consortium of registrars summarized its concerns in a letter submitted to
VeriSign late in the day on Friday."


Although there seems to be reasonable support for an open working group on the
subject of domain name expirations, it seems that the Chair has his own views.

I'd therefore ask those who haven't responded to the straw poll to take a
moment to indicate their views as follows:

In favor of an open working group set up by the GA on its own behalf   [  ]
In favor of an open working group set up by the NC at the Chair's request[  ]
Opposed to any sort of working group however constituted  [  ]

On Sun, 20 Jan 2002 14:15:56 -0600, Don Brown wrote:

> The rudimentary issue identified, is the need for the development of a
> workable procedure for dropping domain names so that: (1) it resolves
> the Registry's capacity issue (2) so "everyone" is on a level playing
> field; Registrars, Resellers, Speculators, Registrants and all other
> interested parties (3) so that it neither stifles competition nor
> allows a monopolistic, or other unfair, advantage.

This makes a good start at a proposed Terms of Reference.

Patrick Corliss

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