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Re: [ga] Structure Taskforce Update No 3

On Thu, 17 Jan 2002 15:12:19 +1300, Steven Heath
<Steven.Heath@Optimation.co.nz> wrote:

>> Draft No 4 is now at
>Has the task force come to consensus yet on the ALSC recommendation of being
>6 directors elected from At Large as opposed to the by laws that state 9?

No not at all.  There are some very disparate views on this issue.

>If not (which I am assuming) what process is the task force going to use
>around to reach a 'consensus' on this key area?

I don't see consensus likely at all and no process likely to produce

At the appropriate time I will ask for a formal show of hands on the
issue but I have little expectation that those in favour of nine will
have the majority.

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