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[ga] WLS Comments by one of the previous "Silent Majority"

SnapNames had previously suggested that the Registrars constituency of
the DNSO that met for the conference call did not represent the
majority view, implicitly assuming that the "silent majority" must be
on their side. 

One of the previously silent registrars, Registration Technologies,
made one of the best posts I've seen *against* the WLS. It's an
excellent summary of all the prior arguments, with a few novel
arguments too (e.g. possible illegality as a unlicensed commodity
trading). I highly recommend it, and it's at:


If you scroll to the bottom, you can see it in PDF format (the ASCII
text version scrolls too far to the right).

Conclusion: it's a bad assumption to make that the "silent majority" is
on your side.


George Kirikos

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