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[ga] Outreach

first of all for you who hate humanistic type stuff, delete.

This afternoon I took three immigrant boys to the library and used the
computer there
to set up three email addresses with their names.  I believe we
represented Ethiopia, Mexico and Kampuchea (Cambodia).

Oh man how their faces lit up when I sent them emails from my account.
We sent random emails to their cctlds and got returns, I have no idea
what was passed except for maybe my spanish speaker said he was a rich
norte americano.  Who knows where this will lead - greater understanding

But outreach is not limited to such matters.  It requires our outreach
to Mr. Gomes and interrelations with our internet providers.

I have been having interesting dialogue with IBM and Cobalt and I
desperately want more servers and pcs for my countries that need help,
it begins small and ends up big.

Please take a few moments and throw a few pennies of your time in that
jar for work here it is worthwhile.

It only takes a little to transform your work tool into their life tool.


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