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Re: [ga] Re: Registrars' conference call on WLS and Deleted Domains Issue

Hi Ross,

--- "Ross Wm. Rader" <ross@tucows.com> wrote:
> Keep in mind that these notes are an unofficial summary of a two hour
> call.
> My notes indicate that Tom's comments were a little more indepth -
> "BulkRegister: Concerned with the process of how we handle this.
> Public
> perception is that this is a done deal. if they manage to get it
> rolled out,
> then this is really a done deal. I wonder how much power the
> constituency
> has after this occurs. When we speculate on ideas and it goes out to
> the
> public, perception becomes reality."
> As you can see, the point he was trying to make was a little more
> precise
> than what the unofficial notes indicate. I have been volunteered to
> collect
> the three sets of notes taken on the call and merge them into more
> formal
> minutes for consideration by our secretariat - try and reserve
> judgement on
> some of the raw notes until the official record has been published.

Thanks for clearing that up, Ross. I apologize to Tom if I was overly
harsh. I think, though, that one can still "speculate" in public, as
long as the comments are prefaced carefully, such as "I don't know
whether this might work, but ...<insert idea>, although I welcome
critiques on the implications". I think censoring one's brainstorming
ideas in public because one might be criticized might mean that some
good ideas don't get presented at all. Expect to be criticized, as
that's how the good and bad get separated. I like to think of myself as
an idea factory, at times, and if I get 1 good idea and 9 bonehead
ideas, that's not a bad ratio! Folks have less to lose in terms of egos
when it's a "brainstorming session". We can always toss out the bad
ideas, and no one would loss "face" as long as one isn't married to the
ideas from day one.


George Kirikos

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