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[ga] Registrar Market Share

ICANN Blog has a link to the latest registrar invoices (at 
http://www.icann.org/financials/gtld-contribution-chart-01-02.htm) which are 
based on each registrar's market share.

Based on this I've calculated that market share at the moment is (for those 
over 1%) :

Network Solutions, Inc. Registrar	45.45%
register.com, Inc.	                11.17%
Tucows, Inc.	                         8.38%
BulkRegister.com, Inc.	                 5.23%
Melbourne IT, Ltd.                       4.34%
CORE Internet Council of Registrars	 2.66%
Internet Domain Registrars 	         2.45%
eNom, Inc.	                         1.80%
Dotster, Inc.	                         1.51%
iHoldings.com, Inc. 	                 1.33%
Schlund+Partner AG	                 1.16%
Go Daddy Software, Inc.	                 1.07%

The smallest registrar has market share of 0.0000051% and the 81 registrars 
under 1% total 13.45%.

If one assumes 30,000,000 gTLD names at present at a standard rate (I know some 
are cheaper) of $35 each 1% market share is approximate revenue of US$10.5 


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