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[ga] VeriSign Proposal a Done Deal??

On Sat, 05 Jan 2002 16:22:03 -0800, Bret Fausett wrote:

> >> Putting the service at the registry level improves the
> >> value of the service for potential registrants.
> >
> > Improves it for who?
> Registrants, for one. The principal improvement of the Waiting List Service
> proposed last week is that if you buy a subscription, then you're certain to
> get your desired domain name if and when it lapses.

C'mon, Bret, that's crap and you know it.  What is the basis, FCFS?

So you join a queue of 20 people all waiting for the domain name?  What, they
climb up the queue like in a customer service call centre -- "You are fourth
in the queue" ??

Do you really believe that Verisign, which has the world's worst reputation
for managing expired and released domain names, is going to manage such a
process sensitively?

Especially at registry level where there is less "customer service" to begin

Don't you think that some people will want to pay more leading to a
degeneration of the system from FCFS to the "highest bidder" ?  For example,
if you know who is in the queue above you, what's to stop you from contacting
them and buying out their interest?  Or VeriSign revising their proposals?

And how do you manage those who give up?  It's like when you are in a lift
(elevator to you guys) and press the wrong floor, how do you cancel the
incorrect depression?  Anwer is you don't and the lift stops anyway with
nobody getting in or out.

Of course, the validity cannot be forever, it would be too intensive, so there
will be a limited time (if not at first then later when the waiting list for a
popular domains gets longer).  Why do I say that?  Simple, it would generate
even more income.

> Under a registrar-based model, you'd have to purchase a subscription with
> all of the various registrars who offer a competing service in order to get
> close to the same guarantee.  It would cost more, in both money and
> aggravation, and still not guarantee that you would get the name.

I'm amazed that you fall for VeriSign's FUD.  There are no guarantees.

Best regards
Patrick Corliss

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