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RE: [ga] Letter from ICANN to New.net

Dear Roberto,
I thank you to have broadcast under your name a private mail: this 
permitted my literature to be posted while keeping my post number in 
reasonable figures.

On 18:10 27/07/01, Roberto Gaetano said:
>saying that the basis was the pronouncement of the IAB.

I favor the Spanish version of this text: "pronunciamento".

This text has no technical intent, says it only presents an opinion and may 
be read in a totally different way: the way BIND actually woks in the real 
world, i.e. from the authoritative user point of view.

What amazes me most is that smart brains like Roberto, Harald, etc have 
only found this circumstantial and confused phrase to keep explaining us 
that the most brilliant - as robust, simple, powerful, free and (most 
important) worldwide 24/365 proven for years - solution for distributed 
information access is weak, dumb, bugged, confused, etc... just because 
they were not the first to understand it.

Roberto: IAB's comment is architectural and absurd. The DNS is not 
hierarchical, it is multi-layered. A kid of 6 understands it easily. Any 
lady or sales person will be able to explain you its concept: they use it 
all the day long calling on the phone. Ask your wife.

Let forget about who found it first: Jon Postel undershoot it first. Now 
let build over it together. You may disagree on the way to take advantage 
of it and to manage it: let discuss that because that is important.

The problem: the Internet is locked by the AmerICANN policy obliging to 
create other roots to unlock the Window PCs and Mac and to avoid wasting 
more time, giving more money to VeriSign and handling more control to some 
new US corps.

The solution are:
- either the AmerICANN proposes a inclusive root policy (what Danny refused 
to discuss and could have lead to a solution for a long). The advantages we 
find in multiple roots should be preserved. This is not a  problem while we 
(roots/projects) are small: this is urgent. The ball is Vint and Stuart 
field for a while.
- either the Root Industry continue its organization in including the 
AmerICANN and its USG root.
- or the statu-quo, which is usually the poorest choice for the largest one.

Among the topics to be completed:
- the Root and TLDs Best Practices per IANA policy, RFC 920, RFC 1591, 
ccTLD Best Practices,
- the TLD announcement and the TLD recognition criteria
- the separation between Root and TLD levels
- the TLD subcontracted Management services
- the compensation of the root costs
- the TLD Management conflict resolution assistance
- a true international UDRP system based upon user protection and a user 
jury decision.
- various TLD Management and Root administration structures and experiences
- extension of the DNS Management Services.
- common services to Roots
- root services mutual relations


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