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Re: [ga] [Fwd: Virus Alert]

Hi Bill,

SirCam has been bothering a lot of us that have websites with mailto links in
the past days. Virus/worm scans the cache for recently visited websites and
contains its own smtp server to spam itself out hidden in a random document
selected from the harddrive (usually the recycle bin). Its a particularly nasty
virus, makes me think a spammer must have programmed it. A friend of mine's
mail server on a high traffic site went totally down from this bug, and his
system wasn't infected with it - the server was clogged from emails generated
by site visitors that were infected with the virus.

You might want to email the woman that sent you the virus and inform her that
she's infected. She might not know.

If any of you think you might have been infected, here's the removal tool to
get rid of the sucker. 


take care, Robin
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