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Re: [ga] [centr-legal] Domain Council at .AT - facts

Hello Michael!

Michael Haberler wrote on 26.07.01, 22:12:57:
> The article on www.heise.de does reflect the journalists preconceptions,
> but not necessarily the facts, as I have commented there (in german, though).

<explanations snipped>
Thanks very much for the clarifications!

> While these members are not democratically legitimized by
> some election or consultation process or a 'LIC travelling circus' :-) they
> represent a large part of the LIC constituency, and also have the
> undeniable advantage of being competent in their field and have a clue what
> the Domain Name System is about. Take that: there are members which can
> actually edit a zone file. Now that's innovative.

:) Indeed. Just to clarify on my part: I did not intend
to criticize the Austrian approach, my emphasis was
mainly on the way the user community was integrated in
the Domain Name Council. It would be very easy to say:
"But are the VIBE people really representative of the
Austrian Internet user community?" It's undeniable that
it's harder to forge an user association than a group
of registrar companies -- but that's not a valid excuse
to exclude individual user interests, and I appreciate
that it has been attempted here.

> Judge yourself where you find a 'co-regulatory approach' here.

I admit that I took that phrase from the Heise.de article
and found it a bit harsh (even though there is quite a
difference between the Austrian model and the GAC -- the
Austrian Domain Name Council decisions seem to be binding
if not completely nonsensical).

Best regards,
/// Alexander
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