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Re: [ga] Letter from ICANN to New.net

(See below.)

Roeland Meyer wrote:

> > From: Roberto Gaetano [mailto:ga_list@hotmail.com]
> > Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2001 9:14 AM
> >
> > Bill Lovell wrote:
> > >
> > >Some relevant questions concerning this letter:
> > >
> > >On what basis is ICANN claiming "consensus?"
> > >
> > >What is the basis for the statement "the concept
> > >of multiple roots clearly leads to the potential for
> > >conflicting top level domains and consequent
> > >Internet instability," and if that is true, why is
> > >it establishing a .biz TLD, when there already is
> > >one of those, which could bring about the
> > >very collision it decries?
> >
> >
> > The basis for this statement is the position of the IETF, as
> > summarised by the IAB.
> As has been noted before, there is no technical basis for the IAB report. In
> fact, there was no technical content in that IAB report, whatsoever. It was
> purely a policy statement, decorated with FUD, pretending to technical
> legitimacy. I might add that, it wasn't worthy of the IAB, IMHO.
> > This item has also been debated at the PSO General Assembly
> > some 10 days ago, and there has not been one single voice in favour of
> > multiple roots.
> That is because those holding that position are not allowed to speak there
> or are actively attacked, with ad hominems, when they do.
> > I don't want to underestimate the importance of the different
> > political POVs on the multiple roots, but since this issue has negligible
> > support (if any at all) in the Protocol community, and specifically at the
> > IETF, ICANN should not do anything else than dismiss it.
> Let's see; Hold a meeting on a subject, beat off opposing views with clubs,
> lock the doors, then declare that there are no opposing views...nice and
> open. This is typical IETF procedure and what you report here appears no
> different. Multiple root concepts have been actively suppressed,
> politically, almost since the very start of the IETF.

That sounds just like my image of the ALSC meeting in the Verisign
conference room.

Bill Lovell

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