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Re: [ga] Dan Steinberg


>I just want to inform any newbies who don't already know, that Dan 
>(Open Root Server Confederation; Canada) was one of the members of the
>Membership Advisory Committee (“MAC”) back in 1999 that "recommended that 
>election of At Large Directors be undertaken in at least two tranches
>[portions], so that the experience of the first effort could be used to 
>the process for the remaining elections to the extent necessary to increase
>the odds of a broadly representative electorate."
>I wonder how truly representative of the GA's sentiments Mr. Steinberg will 
>with respect to the UDRP? I hope we'll hear from him now and then...

Incidentally, the idea of having the AtLarge elections split in two parts 
did then (1999) have some kind of support, within and outside the MAC. But 
the general assumption was that the two elections were to be hold within a 
reasonable amount of time, not to be pushed so far in the future as it 
currently is.

Anyway, back to the main point (is Dan likely to represent the GA) there is 
a difference in the two cases: for the MAC, he was operating as an 
individual, while for the UDRP, he shall present the views of the GA (if 
there are any).
I know Dan personally, and as I stated already in another message to the 
list, we mostly disagree on specific issues but I trust him to present the 
views of the GA rather than his own agenda. I don't know the other two 
candidates, and therefore I could not make the same statement for them.
This said, I find worrisome that the interaction between Dan and GA is 
virtually non-existent at this point in time. This is why, even with all my 
trust for Dan, I did not feel like voting.

The key here is that the GA shall get some consensus points, that Dan should 
bring forward. Obviously, if the GA does not express any consensus point, 
Dan will be free to present his own point of view in the committee.
The same, of course, will apply for the DNSO Review, where I have the 
pleasure and honour to represent the GA. But I will post a message on this 
in the next 48H.


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