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RE: [ga] Call for DNSO fundraising efforts

Joanna, just a reminder that there is a fund collecting for individuals

so far only two grams of gold (about us$16 very poor fundraising, so far I
am the only one with access to the account so I am still looking for backup
people in case I get run over)

here are details again... 

The public balance http://www.e-gold.com/pub-bal.asp?pubid=313216
if any one wants to put some more money in
provides an easy way, just up the donation amount to what feels good to you
If you do not have an e-gold account yet you can get a free one here 
You can find someone to convert your local currency to e-gold here 

and the e-gold questions and answers page

If all this still does not help enough for you to put money in, mail me and
I will see how I can help.

	cya,	Andrew...

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> From:	Joanna Lane [SMTP:jo-uk@rcn.com]
> Sent:	Thursday, July 26, 2001 4:03 AM
> To:	ga ml; Danny Younger
> Subject:	[ga] Call for DNSO fundraising efforts
> on 7/25/01 3:11 PM, DNSO Secretariat at DNSO.Secretariat@dnso.org wrote:
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> > Agenda item 10: Call for Sponsors Feedback
> > 
> > R. Cochetti reported on Budget Committee action concerning fund-raising
> > campaign. VeriSign is willing to match any funds raised up to $100 000.
> Note
> > about fund rising has been distributed (see annex 3). He invited the NC
> > members to be persuasive in soliciting donations.
> > 
> > Ph. Sheppard underlined that smaller contributions are most welcome and
> > invited all participants to encourage contributions within their
> > constituencies.
> > 
> > K. Stubbs added that this is an ideal opportunity for GA members to
> > contribute to the DNSO work and asked a letter be sent to the GA Chair
> > requesting a relevant message be forwarded to the GA list.
> Hello Ken,
> What is your basis for asking individual members of the GA to contribute
> to
> the work of the DNSO? They have no Constituency, no seat on the NC, and no
> available Secretariat services at this time. In short,"pay to play" should
> work both ways, and until individuals have a say in how every part of the
> DNSO is run, why should we pay anything?
> In the circumstances, it seems reasonable for individuals, rather than
> releasing funds directly to the DNSO, to set up an Escrow account and make
> contributions subject to the formation of an Individuals Constituency
> vested
> with all the same priviliges enjoyed by other affected stakeholders
> through
> their respective constituencies, including NC representation and a seat on
> each of its various Task Forces.
> Would you support such a suggestion?
> Regards,
> Joanna
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