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Re: It can be worse (Re: [ga] VeriSign complains...)

I think I paid $10 for each transferred name to Dotster.  I personally 
think that it may be a dollar or two higher than necessary, but then 
they are in business, not charity.  I have no objection to a gaining 
registrar who is willing to accept the transfer and credit the 
customer with all existing registration years charging a fee to do 

For instance, many of my domains were registered for multiple 
years.  Dotster accepted them and gave me those pre-paid years 
even though they did not receive those renewal fees.  They charged 
me $10 per transfer plus one additional registration year.  I think 
that is fair.

I would not separate one registrar from another in that opinion.  If 
the gaining registrar is performing a service that the customer feels 
is a good service, then a fee for that service is warranted and 
acceptable to me.  NSI would be no different in that aspect.  I 
transferred out of of NSI because of their extremely poor service 
and attitude. When I was dealing with a client's domain, I had no 
end to problems.  I have had excellent service from Dotster and 
never have a problem with obtaining assistance if (rarely) there is a 
glitch or I need additional information.

Many people feel that registrars should simply accept transfers 
and not charge for them.  They do not take into consideration the 
man hours used to effect those transfers and provide customer 
support for them.  It's great to be able to shop for price and service, 
but we should all expect to pay for services rendered.  The problem 
with NSI, as I see it, is that they are going beyond simply providing 
a service for which they charge.  They are greedy and seem to be 
willing to do anything they can to prevent an exodus.  I have seen 
no evidence that they are concerned with customer service and 
have shown by their actions that they will sacrifice that service and 
still use underhanded means to retain customers.  In the end, they 
will lose even more.

That's my two cents. 


On 20 Jul 2001, at 22:08, Marc Schneiders wrote:

> It doesn't take $9 per domain. And for the record: the NL-registrY is
> charging this. Would you accept this from VeriSign as RegistrY?
> On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, at 15:09 [=GMT-0400], L Gallegos wrote:
> > I had to pay for registrar transfers also, but I don't object to
> > that.  It takes personnel time to do it and it has to be paid by
> > someone.  To me it was a small price to pay to go to a registrar I
> > could trust.  I transferred all my domains from NSI before all this
> > mess because I saw it coming.  NSI had screwed up so many change
> > requests that I finally gave up on them.  I'm glad I did.
> > 
> > Leah
> > 
> > 
> > On 20 Jul 2001, at 16:42, Marc Schneiders wrote:
> > 
> > > On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, at 15:59 [=GMT+0200], Robin Miller wrote:
> > > 
> > > > But I feel very angry about how they tried to
> > > > keep a customer against the customers wishes, just to be able to
> > > > suck another year's registration fees out of me. 
> > > 
> > > Today I discovered to my disgust, that to change registrar for .NL
> > > domains costs some $9 per domain at the registry. This doesn't
> > > make things better for VeriSign etc. It shows just once more how
> > > sick this market is because of 'self regulation'. I asked nic.nl
> > > what this $9 was for. The answer: 'Determined by the Board in
> > > consulation with the participating registrars.' Yeah.
> > > 
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