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[ga] White Elephant

"William S. Lovell" wrote:

Sandy Harris wrote:


What I found seems much worse:

     Don't settle for your second choice domain. Find your
     first choice in our catalog of more than 2 million
     pre-registered domains for sale.

As I read that, they are hoarding domains in a horrendous way.

And the so-called Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act was
written precisely to allow them to do that.  They could not possibly
be a "cybersquatter," but what else you'd call that (given the invention
of that atrocious term in the first place) I've no idea.
I am of the opinion that it is in fact a malicious slander and libel.  Aren't there laws against this sort of thing?  But, then again, look at what the lawmakers of the day are passing off as law...

Who/what has authority over domain names?  What is the definition of domain names as property?  For that matter, what is a domain name?  It's funny... how the most glaring questions/issues can be ignored.  It's like the White Elephant in a Room story.  You see, we're all in this room, along with a great big White Elephant in the centre.  The beast is so large, we're all pressed up against the very walls due to its presence.  We have to literally squeeze around the elephant to cross the room...  BUT, nobody ever talks about the elephant... not one of us...  Well, when someone comes along and points the White Elephant out and asks about its presence, what will our answer be?


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