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Verisign hoarding? (was Re: [ga] Verisign Spam)

Patrick Corliss wrote:
> Can anyone tell me:
> (a)    Why Verisign is spamming people?  and
> (b)    How to stop them from doing it?

I've answered that offlist, since nuking spammers may not be on-topic
> From: Network Solutions <A_VeriSign_Company.143@info1.nsi-direct.com>
> To: <patrick@quad.net.au>
> Subject: Network Solutions Improves Web Site; Integrates VeriSign Name

In the process, thougfh, I visited www.nsi-direct.com. I knew they
were up to some fairly sleazy things, like spamming and selling whois
info to marketers, but ...

What I found seems much worse:

     Don't settle for your second choice domain. Find your
     first choice in our catalog of more than 2 million
     pre-registered domains for sale. 

As I read that, they are hoarding domains in a horrendous way.
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