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It is surprising. This GA counts many good English reading people, 
accountant and lawyers.

Yet no one seems to be able to tell from the gTLD countrats (.biz, info, 
-  here is the minimum yearly return to the iCANN
-  here is the return on 1st, 2nd... year when x, y,z DN have been registered
-  here is the maximum return per DN per year
Just a nice (Excell) table or a curve?

Also to understand the same about the VeriSign gTLD and how iCANN and 
VerSign may change the value of the DNs and Registrars Margins. I suppose 
Ben Elderman would enjoy making a study on that.

I would also be interested in understanding how this compares with New.net 
and with ccTLDs and how a  competitive action could be used to block their 
development (after all a smart ccTLD Manager is real competition to the 
iCANN/VerSign duopoly)  IMHO it is of importance to everyone to understand 
the economics and the risk for some in that international DN Business.


PS. One actually ran a review. But his results are too surprizing for 
needing to be checked and cross checked. 

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