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Re: [ga] GA-REVIEW & Other Mailing Lists


A few months ago a very good man asked me if I would help to temporarily rid
the list of an individual so that he could help press an agenda without the
abusive distraction of that individual.  I read the above rules and said good
by to Mr. Burton and took the individual with me.  We were both ejected from
this list and Mr. Burton managed to get an extension of the WG-Review.  I
marshalled Mr. Walsh off this list with me to get an agenda which I felt bigger
than me through, I believe that today we can thank our decision in large part
for the Chair we now share and are beginning to pull behind.  I note that today
we see Mr. Williams offer to fill the shoes of Mr. Walsh in dedicating himself
to fullfilling our mission ( I must say I have grown most fond of Mr. Walsh and
like very much his contributions).  Because of our lack of rules governing such
matters, I at this time offer my service as a Marshall to help rid us of a
complication - Mr. Corliss - and his total abuse of the Alternate Chair
Status.  Until we develop our rules to a more civilized state we will have need
for marshall SoBs such as myself in order to allow the work of good folks like
Younger, Sotiris, Joanna, Jefsey, Jeff, Milton, etc. etc. to go forth.

However this time I make it public;  Mr. Younger, I remain your servant.

This post has no previous communication with any individual or official.

Alternate Chair wrote:

> Hi Marilyn
> > For what it is worth, I am having trouble keeping the various list
> straight
> > too, and haven't found the time to subscribe in all I probably am
> interested
> > in.  A smaller number would be helpful to me.
> You will remember that five were set up in the beginning.  Internal and
> External were meant to be the main two lists.  Then there were three
> "special interest" namely roots [ga-roots], registration systems [ga-sys]
> and trademarks [ga-tm].
> Danny then added [ga-review] to carry on the work of the WG-REVIEW working
> group.  The latest list is [ga-org] which takes us to seven "sub-lists".
> The other lists are [ga], [ga-full], [ga-abuse] and [ga-announce].  11
> altogether.
> > Organizing logically is a good idea; but keeping it small enough in
> numbers,
> > since most of us are on a lot of other lists too [:-)], would be helpful.
> > Not a problem to reorder this, I would think, if enough of the members of
> GA
> > agree,.
> I think there's a general consensus that the idea is over-played
> particularly when we cannot seem to get much support for sub-list (or
> working group) Chairs, Coordinators -- call them what you like.
> Regards
> Patrick Corliss
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