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[ga] Re: Blending Top-down and Bottoms-up

Hello Danny,

Sunday, June 10, 2001, 1:29:19 PM, Danny Younger wrote:
> but if asked to self-organize, to take our own General Assembly lists and
> turn them into research committees, the equivalent of productive working
> groups, we fail.   We have a list devoted to ROOTS that has generated over
> 700 comments so far, but do we have one single substantive document that has
> emerged?

That is because the subject is not one that it is appropriate to have
a document on.

Alternative roots are outside our scope.  They have no relevance as
far as the DNSO of ICANN is concerned.

> We have become so comfortable with the notion that it is appropriate to be
> constantly attacking our leadership and challenging the decisions of our
> leadership, that we fail to recognize the deleterious consequences of our
> actions.

You just lost me Danny.

Anyone who claims questions of process are more important than action,
is someone who is seeing that their own view points and agenda are not
getting advanced enough.

To you, it is more important that there be action, not that the action
be appropriate or right.

> The new lists are admittedly an experiment.  Let's experiment a little
> longer to see if we can achieve meaningful results.

They've already failed.

> As many are reticent to volunteer, I will therefore appoint the following
> people to this Organizing Committee (they are of course at liberty to
> decline such an appointment):

> 1. Sotiris Souteropolis
> 2. William Walsh
> 3. Jefsey Morphin
> 4. Marilyn Cade
> 5. Eric Dierker
> 6. Leah Gallegos
> 7. Joop Teenstra
> 8. Bret Fausett
> 9. Joanna Lane


Best regards,
William X Walsh
Owner, Userfriendly.com
Userfriendly.com Domains
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