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Re: [ga] 3,328 comments added to this list

Hi Patrick,
on 6/8/01 4:49 PM, Patrick Corliss at patrick@quad.net.au wrote:

> Could you please, therefore clarify the position for me in clear and
> unequivocal terms?  Can you advise what were the terms of reference for the
> WG-REVIEW?  To what extent did it complete its task when it was closed down
> by the Names Council?  Was any further work performed outside this forum
> and, if so, with what result?  Is there a "due" date for completion?

What did your last slave die of? Sorry, it is not my job to bring you up to
speed on issues about which you, of all people, as an officer of the GA,
should be fully informed.

As a courtesy, I have posted the wg-review archive link to the appropriate
list for those willing to do research before passing judgement and workload
onto others.

Why you moved this thread back to the main list is beyond my understanding,
but for me, it stops here and now.


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