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Re: [ga] 3,328 comments added to this list


It sure isn't listed anywhere in the rules.  As a matter of fact the "rules"
(but why should we care what the rules say) say we only have two lists,
announce and ga, but then later go on to describe the ga-full.
This GA governance by gang has got to stop.  If we simply abide by the existing
rules we will be fine, while we refine them.  It should be noted that most
rules are to protect the governed from the leaders, not the other way around as
applied here.


"William X. Walsh" wrote:

> Hello Patrick,
> Friday, June 08, 2001, 1:49:15 PM, Patrick Corliss wrote:
> > likes and phobias influence their professional behaviour.  I expect
> > reasonable courtesy and co-operation when I am merely trying to do my job
> > advising people of the appropriate list to use.
> But that isn't your job.

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