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Re: [ga] dot org

Danny and all assembly members,

  I believe that the secretariat announced a new list for .ORG related
subject matter earlier today.  Wouldn't this post belong on that new list?
Not complaining here, I appreciate you sending the to the GA list
Danny.  >;)  I am only suggesting that maybe more debate and discussion
would be better served on this new list for .ORG

Danny Younger wrote:

> Dear Assembly members,
> We have received the following request from the Names Council Chair:
> [please note that this message will also be posted to our new ga-org mailing
> list] --
> Danny,
> will you initiate discussion on the GA on the dot org referral? We are going
> to discuss process at the NC June 29 meeting. So, options from the GA for
> process would be of interest for then. Please summarise GA proposals/options
> and circulate to the NC in advance.
> Philip
> Dot org
> The Board has referred this issue to the NC. The constituencies (and GA) are
> asked to discuss and inform NC of their views. Timeline: First views on
> substance and process to NC meeting of 29 June.
> The text of the Board referral
> (http://www.icann.org/minutes/prelim-report-04jun01.htm ) is:
> Whereas, on 25 May 2001 ICANN entered into a new registry agreement with
> VeriSign, Inc. for the .org top-level domain;
> Whereas, under that agreement VeriSign's operation of the .org top-level
> domain will terminate on 31 December 2002, at which time the operation will
> be turned over to an entity designated by ICANN;
> Whereas, before the transition to operation of the .org top-level domain by
> the new entity can occur, it will be necessary to designate or establish an
> appropriate entity, to fashion its legal relationship with ICANN, to develop
> any necessary policies for the entity's operation, and to allow the entity
> to set up its business operations;
> Whereas, it is the Board's goal that these activities be completed in an
> orderly manner and in time to permit transfer of operational
> responsibilities for .org on the contracted schedule;
> Whereas, meeting this goal will require early planning and policy
> development;
> Whereas, the Board considers that the designation of a successor registry
> for the .org top-level domain involves policy issues concerning the
> domain-name system that should be referred to the Domain Name Supporting
> Organization for its consideration and recommendations;
> Whereas, under Subsection 5.1.4 of the current .org registry agreement
> VeriSign must contribute a US$ 5,000,000 endowment to be used to fund future
> operating costs of a non-profit entity, if one is designated by ICANN as
> successor operator;
> Whereas, the Board notes that the availability of this endowment should be
> considered in developing policy for the future operation of the .org
> top-level domain;
> Whereas, the Board urges that consideration be given to the positive effects
> on stability of assuring the ability of present registrants to continue
> their registrations;
> Resolved [01.71] that the Board refers to the Names Council for its
> consideration the issues raised by the scheduled transition of the operation
> of the .org top-level domain from VeriSign to a new entity, including at
> least:
> (a) whether to select an existing entity to succeed VeriSign as responsible
> for operation of the .org TLD, or to establish a new entity;
> (b) the characteristics of the entity to be selected or established;
> (c) selection criteria for the entity or its organizers;
> (d) principles governing its relationship with ICANN (sponsored or
> unsponsored TLD, term of operation, etc.); and
> (e) policies for the entity's operation of the .org top-level domain (to the
> extent they are not to be established by the entity).
> Further resolved [01.72] that the Names Council is requested to provide a
> report on its progress on the issues referred by resolution 01.71, including
> any policy recommendations it has developed, no later than 12 October 2001;
> and
> Further resolved [01.73] that the report will then be posted for public
> comment in advance of ICANN's third annual meeting in November 2001.
> --
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