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User influence in ccTLDs? (Re: [ga] the NC takes the next step)

On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, at 23:27 [=GMT+1200], DPF wrote:

> It is worth remembering that some ccTLDs are primarily controlled by
> their customers.  ISOCNZ controls *.nz and most members are just
> ordinary users.  Not to say such control has always been there but we
> should be careful about assuming that ccTLD registries are directly
> comparable to gTLD registries.  The latter are just a business seeking
> to make money, the formers are a variety of forms.

Indeed, but difficult to assess. I assume the ccTLDs will provide a
detailed breakdown of their different organizational forms and how
they are 'governed', with or without user input, as part of their
application to become a SO. Otherwise the Board will have no idea what
they are approving...

Marc Schneiders

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