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[ga] With all due respect Mr. Froomkin

  • To: ga@dnso.org
  • Subject: [ga] With all due respect Mr. Froomkin
  • From: Derek Conant <dconant@dnsga.org>
  • Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2001 00:20:28 -0700
  • Organization: Domain Name System General Assembly (DNSGA) http://dnsga.org
  • Sender: owner-ga@dnso.org

Domain Name System General Assembly (DNSGA)

With all due respect Mr. Froomkin:

I can agree that the DNSGA website could be clearer regarding that it is
a new organization founded August 2000.

As you know, as demonstrated within ICANN and the DNSO, it takes time
and a lot of energy to develop working constituencies that are able to
produce valid consensus results. The DNSGA is at its very early stages
of developing working constituencies, whereas, this is the case with
most organizations working on DNS policy and standards. The DNSGA
currently does not know exactly how it will fit in the domain name
industry or what the future may hold.

The DNSGA is building a vehicle for advancing DNS policy and standards.
Currently, the DNSGA is working within the ICANN processes and the DNSO,
and the DNSGA tries to set forth constructive comments and positions
based upon information it receives. The DNSGA is not mature enough right
now to provide a public forum on its own, but at the same time the DNSGA
is developing its organization and internal structure toward providing
an effective public forum with working constituencies that will produce
valid consensus results. The DNSGA is working toward providing open,
fair and objective processes for its positions and actions.

I founded the DNSGA because I realized that the ICANN processes can be
improved upon. I was not aware of the DNSO when I founded the DNSGA,
whereas, most people unfamiliar with ICANN are not aware of the DNSO. I
submitted an ICANN Registrar Accreditation Application for a domain name
registrar company that I am associated with and I witnessed firsthand
the ICANN New gTLD Registry Application processes. I then realized that
the ICANN processes appear biased, unfair and nonobjective and that the
ICANN processes can be improved.

The DNSGA is a Nevada not-for-profit corporation with offices in
Washington, DC, Buenos Aires AR, Sydney AU, Vancouver BC, Paris FR,
Frankfurt GR, Hong Kong, Narita JP, Riyadh SA and Oxfordshire UK. The
DNSGA currently has less than 1000 members of which most are not
categorized and their associations and specific interests have not been
identified which contributes to the DNSGA's immaturity. The DNSGA is
also accepting applications from interested parties for key positions
within the DNSGA.

The reasoning behind your comments are not clear and appear less than
fair. The DNSGA has not held itself out to be anything more than a
reporting entity at this time. The DNSGA website clearly indicates that
web pages you referred to are currently being updating. You are also
aware that the DNSGA legal attempted to contact you regarding your
inquiries, however, for some reason they were unable to connect with you
and therefore gave up trying to connect with you.

It would seem that a constructive approach for someone at your level
would be to address DNSGA comments or positions in a way that does not
appear disruptive. Instead, it appears that you are attacking the DNSGA
for no good reason and without cause which does not make any sense
coming from you. The DNSGA has not attacked you or your positions.

You are aware of DNSGA participation within the DNSO and you have not
indicated any problems with DNSGA topics, comments or positions. It may
be the case that you first learned about the "ccTLDs to leave DNSO"
topic through DNSGA email sent to the DNSO:

The DNSGA is trying to do good here and welcomes the participation,
comments and input from Internet stakeholders and interested parties.

Derek Conant
DNSGA President and Chairman


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