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[ga] Alice in wonderland

This is so fun, everyone needs to follow it in the sub list roots.  Come
on get to work on the sequal movie.

Eric Dierker wrote:

> This is so funny I cannot stand it. My name is Eric and I own
> Eric.biz, someone else
> now has Eric.biz on ICANNs root my server resolves to the name of the
> new Eric.biz,
> so using the name Eric@Eric.biz is now useless.  AND THIS IS OUT OF
> ***NAMES*** COUNCIL. I cannot stop laughing this is hillarious. Well
> who in the hell
> is in charge of names???
> eric, or maybe i need a new name, should I ask the "names" council?
> Bret Fausett wrote:
> > It sounds to me like they did the right thing with the second
> motion, as I
> > agree that the subject is out of scope.
> >
> > Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
> > > I have now seen the NC vote twice about whether or not to study
> alt-root
> > > stuff. First they passed a motion to study the question 12-9.
> Then, after a
> > > coffee break, they passed a motion to not consider the issue,
> since it was out
> > > of scope and they had no competence to study it, nullifying the
> earlier
> > > motion.
> >

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