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Re: Re[2]: [ga] ICANN to address alternative domains


>With all due respect, that is for the list participants to decide.
>Just because a list exists that this is on topic for, it does NOT make
>that topic verboten on this list.

Whether it is verboten or not it depends on the rules.
Wheter it is posted in the appropriate list or not depends on the 
participant, his/her purpose, his/her politeness and/or respect for the 
others (ultimately, his/her QI may play a role).

Personally I do believe that, if there's an appropriate forum prepared for 
the purpose, the post should be considered "out of scope" in other fora, but 
this is of course only my personal opinion.

What I would ask, for the future, to the people that cannot avoid misposting 
stuff to at least show this in the subject line.
If somebody *does not* subscribe, for instance, to ga-root, is because 
he/she is *not interested* in ga-root stuff: please marke the subject line 
[ga-root], so that he/she can set the filtering appropriately.

Thanks, and best regards

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