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[ga] Re: Opening a Can of Soup

So here's the proof of your entire thesis.  A while back I set out to
join all the lists and get into the thick of things. I posted something
to ga-roots and next thing you know I see it up there as having been
posted on my behalf -- me being a "non-member."  "What is this?"
I sez to myself.  It seems that while I had got all the lists nicely into my
oh-so-organized directory, in doing the actual joining I had skipped over
ga-roots.  Duh.  Some of us just can't open a can of soup.

(And yes, I did mean, "How come it's in ga and not in ga-roots.")

Bill Lovell

Alternate Chair wrote:

> Hi Bill
> > Why isn't all this, and others like it, in ga-roots?
> > And what on earth is a "owner-ga-full?"
> Well it's like this.
> The more intelligence, degrees and other qualifications a person has the
> less ability they have in opening a can of soup.  Add to that that anybody
> dealing with alternate roots is an independent, ornery person who doesn't
> want to follow simple guidelines like "open can at other end" and you have a
> big mess.
> My golden rule is that "everybody" must co-operate to make a mailing list
> succeed but just "one" person can wreck those efforts. Let me work on that:
>     A mailing list *might* succeed if everybody co-operates.
>     But it is certain to fail if just one person doesn't.
> Or something along those lines.
> BTW My answer to much of your question is below.  The word "owner" is a list
> management term used in bounced messages.  I must have reposted a bounced
> message of something of that nature and released that address *into the
> wild* for one list member to get confused by it.
> I could ask the DNSO Secretariat to bounce posts of people who use that term
> but that would certainly wreck something somewhere else e.g. some proper
> posting to that address.
> So I am trying a bit of user training and education.
> <sigh>
> Best regards
> Patrick Corliss
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Alternate Chair <patrick@quad.net.au>
> To: [ga-rules] <ga-rules@dnso.org>
> Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 00:56:40 +1000
> Subject: [ga-rules] Bounced Messages & Other List Administration
> All
> The GA-ROOTS list has received more postings that any of the other special
> purpose lists.  As well the debate has been vigorous and informed.  Other
> lists are starting to pick up and become relevant.
> Unfortunately one or two people have posted material relating to ROOTS
> elsewhere.  One person, for example, has posted to owner-ga-roots@dnso.org
> instead of ga-roots@dnso.org.   I have received this mail along with bounced
> posts such as submissions by non-members.
> I have reposted three non-member submissions.  I thought some were
> subscribed and the cause for the error needs to be investigated.  As far as
> I can tell, there is no set procedure and I could check their subscriptions
> or write to them privately or onlist.  Any corrective action takes time and
> effort.  It is also useful to post ICANN Announcements or even posts from
> other lists.
> There are therefore three types of postings I might make (1) my own views on
> a subject of interest (2) reposts and corrections (3) GA announcements.
> Trying to perform these tasks could easily lead me to exceed my personal
> daily posting limit.  This would be a valid but unworthy cause for concern.
> Of course, I could easily just ignore mis-postings, filter bounced messages
> and not re-post ICANN Announcements or other relevant emails.  I see that as
> bowing to form rather than substance.  A better solution is to refer
> complaints of excess postings to the List Monitors who can make an impartial
> assessment.  Pity that this just adds to their already large burden.
> Another alternative is to make arrangements to pass this work to the DNSO
> Secretariat.
> Clearly, list administration is a necessary function.  Personally, I would
> prefer to spend more time on substantive issues relating to ICANN policy.
> In fact, it is easy to forget that even intelligent people disagree or just
> get things wrong.
> I'd therefore ask everyone to assist with the list housekeeping by (a)
> making sure you are subscribed before posting (b) using the right "to" and
> "from" addresses and (c) posting to the most relevant mailing list.  I would
> particularly suggest that you do not simply blindly follow the previous
> person -- it should be easy to tell ROOTS from RULES etc.
> I'd appreciate any constructive comments.  Should this be considered an
> official post.
> And if so, should it be excluded from my daily limit of five posts?
> Thank you for your time
> Patrick Corliss
> Alternate Chair

         Bill Lovell


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