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Re: [ga] Domain-Policy?

Patrick Corliss wrote:
>Hi Roeland
> > The DP list was the only impartial list around. Everything else is under
> > ICANN/DNSO control.
>I'm not sure what you mean by this in relation to the GA list.  Are you
>suggesting that ICANN could pull the plug on this one, too?

I don't understand it either.
What does it mean "impartial" in relation to a mailing list?
Does it mean that people posting are evenly distributed in relation to some 
parameter? In this case, which one?
Or does it mean that postings are show a balance of opinion? About what 
Or does it mean an interference of the list managers on the issues debated? 
And in this case, I would like to see examples.

Anyway, for your info I received the following message from Karl Peters.
It is an attempt to continue the debate on Domain-policy.


---------- From: "Karl E. Peters" <bridge@darientel.net>
Reply-To: karl.peters@bridgecompanies.com
To: Recipient List Suppressed <archives@bridgecompanies.com>
Subject: One time notice of services offered...
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 01:41:59 -0400

Hello all:

This is a one time communication in response to abrupt recent

Due to the deactivation of the Netsol Domain-Policy list, there is a
for a replacement.  We have set up domain-policy@ador-doc.org for
purpose. (please note that this is not an attempt to bring people to
an existing list of other committments, but a new and fresh list
especially for this purpose...)

This list is open and not affiliated with any root, organization,
registry or
registrar and is donated with the intention to provide it to all
concerned with domain policy issues.  It will have public archives
will be unmoderated except for spam and floods.

We ask only that posters refrain from using ad hominems and personal

attacks.  In other words, try to use the Golden Rule.  Other than
the list is yours.

To subscribe....

Go to http://ador-doc.org/mailman/listinfo/domain-policy , sign in
and resume talks.

Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at http://explorer.msn.com

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