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Re: [ga] [Fwd: [ga-roots] Alternate Roots Issues Paper for Discussion]

do we have daily posting limits on this list ?

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Subject: [ga] [Fwd: [ga-roots] Alternate Roots Issues Paper for Discussion]

> I know that I am often filtered or whatever because I speak in a noise
> unliked by many. And I sometimes tire of my own calls to arms.
> The finest minds in the business, this business, do not watch our
> sub-lists.  The sub lists do not resolve (or whatever you want to call
> it) to the GA full. Those same finest minds only belong to the Full list
> because for some strange reason they like to here what banned folks say.
> I personally feel cheated if I do not get Mr. Williams ideas on matters.
> This sneaky devious censorship must be rooted out.  This is being sent
> to the abuse group because whoever set this up is the most abusive
> censoring dog that ever lived.
> Now I notice that while I was signed up on all sublists, somehow I am
> not getting all of them. Who is taking me off of the lists?
> The forward here is being sent because it was this post that brought it
> to my attention through one of our finest minds asking me what I was
> talking about because this post did not make it to the full which
> apparently is all he gets.  Funny that, that he would rely on it being a
> full listing of all posts in the GA, after all it is only called a full
> list.  Also this is just great after one of our esteemed leaders just
> came down to visit last week and was shown the Full as an example of
> non-censorship.
> Mr. Corliss, you set these lists up.  What is your possible explanation?
> I apologize to all who get this in duplicate but at this point my
> confidence in the List forwarding it is very low.
> Can anyone remember way back when - when netsol shut down the domain
> policy list!  Who is storing the sub-list archives?
> This is especially great as I am being brought under investigation by
> our abuse group for speaking of someone as not being honest, that same
> someone who apparently designed and established these lists.
> I am really pissed and Marina del Rey is only a short drive from here!
> I have just double and triple checked and there is no Bruce James post
> on the full-GA for days.
> Mr. Younger what say the?
> Sincerely,

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