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[ga] Restoration of Domain Policy Archives

Dear Brian

Verisign's decision to close down the Domain Policy list was both sudden and
unexpected.  Personally I think it was inappropriate.  Whatever the reasons
it is clearly a matter for your own corporate interests.

However the Domain Policy archives are a valuable resource which need to be
retained for historical reference and research.  My feeling is that most
subscribers would take the view that the lists belong to them.  Certainly
I'd believe that in relation to my own postings over the past year.

At the very least, someone should have been given the opportunity to pick up
the archives and subscriber lists.  Historical DNS archives are spotty
enough without erasing entire volumes from the encyclopaedic set.

I'd therefore ask that Verisign re-consider its decision to remove these
archives from the public record.  An alternative solution would be for
Verisign to make these records available to be hosted elsewhere.  I am
certain that I could make alternative arrangements for such support.

I look forward to your kind response.

Yours faithfully,
Patrick Corliss

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