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[ga] Collision?

I have two questions that I would like opinions on;

1. Is the following statement accurate?

With a duplicate TLD a message can be sent to a domain
name but there can be two addresses (IP)for the same name.
The message will go to either one.
If you point to an address (URL) you cannot control which one you go to
there are duplicates.

2. If the above is accurate can this be avoided if the ICANN dotBIZ is

I am getting the distinct impression that the above is not accurate.  I
am getting the distinct impression also that ISPs and servers can handle
all these potential problems. It is a very good feeling to be learning
of these matters because it leads to a feeling of empowerment that the
users really can control their internet usage. My CTO just confirmed
that all of this can be managed but that I was too stupid to understand
it and just trust him, it is already being done.


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